ORF announces some teenagers for Eurovision – I suddenly feel very old

LUMIX and Pia Maria

Austrian broadcaster ORF has confirmed what many of the more on-the-ball Eurovision websites have been touting for some time – that LUMIX and Pia Maria will carry the hopes of a nation in Turin.

Lum!x, real name Luca Michlmayr is, apparently, one of Austria’s most successful artists (it says here) with over 700 million streams online. His biggest hit, entitled “Monster” has been triple platinum and whatever seven times is, Gold.

This may, or may not, equate to about nine sales – who can say?

He is, at the tender age of 19, fast becoming one of Austria’s “significant musical exports” though has yet to catch on in OnEurope Towers. He teams up with 18-year-old Pia Maria from Tyrol who features on the track, which suggests less lead vocal, more after thought.  In her blurb, she seems to be the “I love children and old people” type, but she says their aim is to “bring a bit of a new dash to it” – something that the Austrians are known for, dashing out early!

It’s going to be a techno-banger isn’t it? Done right, it could well work, but has the potential for disaster. Hurrah I say. It’s going to be called “Halo” and will be out in a few weeks.