Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 5/37 – Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan – Tell me More – TuralTuranX

The first thing I get from this song is the feeling that the backing track could be the hold music at O2 or your local gas company rather than entering an international Song Contest.  I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing though – what I do think is a bad thing is the jarring clash of styles that the two halves of the song has.  For the first half of the song it meanders cutely with the good looking boys singing a semi heartfelt song about their missing significant other and lamenting how their hearts are breaking.  Even the rap second verse fits into the style of that part of the song and then, for seemingly no reason, the video cuts to a different song where its more guitars and too many words and then, almost as abruptly, it reverts back to the original style of the song.

It’s almost as though the songwriters thought that they *had* to change styles in order to get the televotes because they had written a jury friendly song so just slapped a lively bit in the middle because reasons.  It doesn’t work and that detracts so much from a nice little song with potential.

Phil’s Score – 4 Points

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