Poland – The man from the Pru?

Ochman performing River, representing Poland, Second rehearsal
Ochman performing River, representing Poland, Second rehearsal

Ochman looks like someone that would knock on your door to sell insurance rather than someone that is going to sing a song of this magnitude. He’s dressed in a black suit and crisp white shirt with a watch on – you hardly see that on a Eurovision stage these days. Either that, or Aaron Livesy from Emmerdale (no, YOU google it!)

This song is all about how Ochman performs it. This calls for long shots and wide angles from the camera crew because whilst he is emoting, often with his eyes shut, he’s not connecting with the audience at home. Usually that would be a killer, but the way the song is shot means that looking at him is secondary to hearing him and that in itself makes the song unique.

If this was, say, Azerbaijan performing this, there would be lots of shots down the camera and connection, but that Ochman is honestly connecting with the song negates all of that. The nice touches from the camera of shaking and the lightning effect are properly powerful and even the dancers don’t seem superfluous. That there is actually water on stage makes “River” even more real – plus water on the lens, which I didn’t notice till the last take.


Someone at TVP has story boarded this song to within an inch of its life. Again, usually a bad thing, but not in this case. We know the story he is telling and they sell me that story. As you know with me, believability plays a big part. I believe Ochman, and I believe he is ripping his heart out.

You’ll notice I’ve not mentioned the vocal till now, that’s because it’s perfect. Nothing here to worry about. This is qualifying and deserves its place at the top of the betting odds. Who knows, Poland might stage the contest in their own right!

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