LIVE BLOG: Second semi final, first dress rehearsal

We were there and online, reporting from Turin’s PalaOlimpico for the next rehearsal of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest season. Today was the first dress rehearsal of the second semi-final.

May 11, 2022 2:00 pm
Latest update 1 week ago
Good evening Europe

There's still some nonsense to come with the BIG FIVE and the fake voting, but I'm signing off and handing you on to Mr Phil who will be here with his patented 'Jury Filter' scoring system just before 8pm UK time tonight.

Be there or be something with four equal sides.


The usual bit about the souvenir shite. Almost time to stop voting pretend people.


I'm going to say it. Mika looked just a tad at the end of his tether with Alessandro this afternoon.

Laura and Mika duet

Laura has a lovely big white frock on. Mika is still in his casuals. They sing 'fragile' and I'll be honest it didn't sound the best. Let's say it was a problem with the in-ear monitors, shall we?

Then came (bizarrely) 'People have the power' - sounding as much unlike Patti Smith as you can get.



Bit to link to the voting and now it's time for the reprise

  • Finland - The bit where the 'audience' sing Jezebel and final chorus
  • Israel - Could be any bit
  • Serbia - Chorus with wide shot
  • Azerbaijan - a bit of shouting no chorus
  • Georgia - Chorus, mostly shots of the stage
  • Malta - A bit where she vaguely in tune from the chorus
  • San Marino - On the bull (obvs)
  • Australia - With mask at bottom of steps - he's not the same, you know
  • Cyprus - Golden bit from chorus
  • Ireland - Chorus with pyros
  • North Macedonia - emoting at screen for chorus - that should finish it off
  • Estonia - could be any old chorus
  • Romania - Last chorus after short reveal
  • Poland -  From end of bridge
  • Montenegro - could be any chorus
  • Belgium - a late chorus with dancers in line
  • Sweden - The bit with the red sun
  • Czech Republic - big note at end before final chorus
Belgium and Czech Republic

Both acts did FAR better this time around, suggesting whatever problems they faced have gone. I'm now fairly sure the 'fuck this shit' came from the direction of Belgium - and with good cause. 

Cornelia looks to have left by the back door and didn't fancy another go. Girl's gotta shop.

Changed my mind

Montenegro is in and Cyprus out

Czech Republic, Sweden, Serbia, San Marino, Estonia, Australia, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, (and perhaps) Ireland

In-ear problems

Mr Phil reckons the problem was in-ear monitor issues due to radio interference and the last six acts are being rounded up to perform once more. The delay was likely to get Ochman out of the bar and persuade Cornelia to take her shoes off. 

Right now Vladana is back on stage in full costume, complete with drain-strainer. Again in perfect voice.

More nothing

Things went dark again and I started to worry they might not have time to rehearse the Big Five and voting if life in Turin continues to move at such a pace. There's the interval act to get through too.

Ochman goes casual

Amusingly Ochman strode through the rain in a white t-shirt and jeans, suggesting he thought everything was fine and whatever caused the problems was behind the technical scenes. The dancers have clearly pissed off back to the hotel to rinse their nets. 

I might add there was a worryingly long break between the postcard and performance starting.

This is all terribly jolly.

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