8 July – You back off slowly through the door

You know how some countries that you write off when you first hear their song. And then they hit the big stage and you think they could be in with a chance? Much to your chagrin.

In other news, we always anticipate what our friends in Azerbaijan enter. They often keep their plans wrapped in secrecy and leave things late to reveal. In 2022 they sent today’s birthday boy Nadir Rəşid oğlu Rüstəmli. Things started slowly for him, and people even questioned whether he’d make the big Grand Final. But then again it’s Azerbaijan, and they are the experts in turning around the fortunes of a song – most years anyway. Anyway, Nadir and his stadium seating finished 16th in the Grand Final.

Nadir is 24 today.

Ad günün mübarək, Nadir!