Lineup complete for Estonian national final

Mia at Eesti Laul semi-final one, Thursday, January 12, 2023. Source: Priit Mürk/ERR

Mia and Elysa have become the last two performers to secure a place in the Estonian Eurovision national final – Eesti Laul 2023.

For the first time, this year Eesti Laul included a new round of voting after the second semi-final to give TV viewers the opportunity to vote for two ‘wild card’ participants in the final. After two days of telephone voting, Mia and Elysa scored the last two spots in the show due to air on 11 February.

Close call

After 7,374 votes werre cast, the results were announced on TV in Monday’s current affairs show, “Ringvaate”. Tomi Rahula, the chief producer of Eesti Laul said it was a close call, with the winner of the vote changing right up until the lines closed.

12 artists will compete in the Estonian Eurovision Song Contest national final.

  • Sissi “Lighthouse”
  • Ollie “Venom”
  • Mia “Üks samm korraga”
  • M Els “So Good (At What You Do)”
  • Meelik “Tuju”
  • Janek “House Of Glass”
  • Inger “Awaiting You”
  • Elysa “Bad Philosophy”
  • Bedwetters “Monsters”
  • Anett x Fredi “You Need To Move On”
  • Andreas “Why Do You Love Me”
  • Alika “Bridges”

The Eesti Laul final takes place on Saturday, February 11 at the Tondiraba ice rink, with the order of performance yet to be published. Singer Grete Kuld and comic Tõnis Niinemets will return as hosts, joined by guest acts including Karl-Erik Taukar and Estonia’s entry into last year’s grand final, Stefan.

Elysa. Source: Gea Kumpel
Elysa. Source: Gea Kumpel