Who the hell are those Austrian girls?

Teya and Selia

Still catching up with yesterday – Austria’s interview with Timur

The girls say that they are tired after having their rehearsals.  The 2nd rehearsal was a lot better than the first one and now they are looking at tweaks but overall they are happy. They say that they are missing real people in the arena (take note please!) – they say they need energy from an audience.

They are huge Eurovision fans – their inspirations are Marija, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can do what you love with passion and you can make it to the big stage – 2007 showed that anything is possible and they can not believe that they are actually at the contest.

Favourite Edgar Allen Poe short story? – The Tell tale Heart.  What fictional place would they like to go? – Middle Earth and Pandora. Plans after Eurovision? Making more music, Teya is moving to Berlin and Selina to London. Favourite Austrian entry? – Conchita, of course!

They want to collab with Loreen and Kaarija and for all time, Cornelia Jacobs (surprising there).  How did they react when they were going to be here? Selina got called and told, then rung Teya and lied to her! – The Girls were, seemingly, in the final three – one each and Edgar. Teya was in Switzerland when she got the news.

Their Eurovision journey? – The biggest thing they have learned is that they are authentic and true to themselves. They got invited into the Eurovision family and they can be themselves, whatever that is!