And the final one for today – He’s Belgian… He has a hat…


Only five pressers today – compared to the FIFTEEN I had to go through yesterday because The Big 5 + Ukraine are doing their first rehearsals this afternoon, so Timur gets some time off.

Gustaph says that he feels good about the staging, and now that the little details have been ironed out, he is ready to go full tilt and perform. He says he doesn’t get nervous in rehearsals, he has been performing for over 20 years, and a performer like him relies on the crowd’s energy.

Gustaph’s style is from a Belgian designer’s collection from a few years back – they have recreated a design in the Antwerp national design museum.  The stage show and the costume represent light and positivity. Pink is *always* good, Gustaph says. Belgian Artists? – Lady Lyne was mentioned – she is a friend of Gustaph.

Which show was the most special for Gustaph? He mentions a club gig in Antwerp where he started to fall in love with his husband (aww) – but he enjoys all the shows. He also says that he has been to Glastonbury.

Hats? He owns a lot of hats, and his husband is going mad that there are between 40-60 hats. He really is the mad had man… maybe a new apartment for the hats? His dancer is called Pussy West (!) – an established ballroom dancer in Belgium. Gustaph didn’t want someone to “Vogue” but to represent queer culture in the right way.

The guy can speak Dutch, French and English and wants to learn Italian and Spanish. His guilty pleasure? Gustaph says no pleasure should be guilty, as all pleasures are pleasurable.

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