Is this a countdown to a win?

What would NDR give for a win in their final staging of the Eurovision selection for Germany? – Well whatever they’d give, they might not have enough Euro to dish out! Once again, they put their national final which they have imaginatively called Das deutsche Finale 2024 because they have run out of ideas, and shoved it on at 10:20 pm on a Friday!? – They even pushed it back twenty minutes so they could cover the day’s breaking news.  How the mighty have fallen. 

To remind you how we got here, eight songs were chosen from the “normal” selection method with the ninth song (Scars) winning the final of “Ich will zum ESC” a show that had fifteen other entrants mentored by Conchita and Rea Garvey competing for that one extra shot at stardom.

NDR defrosted Barbara Schöneberger for her, seemingly, nine hundredth National final as presenter, and in that final, we had eight international juries ( Austria, Croatia, Iceland, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) who gave 1-2-3-4-6-8-10-12 points to all songs – the one with the most points in this round scored 12, then 8, 6-1.  The Televote was the same and the one with the most points won.  Easy isn’t it?!

The results?

Love on a BudgetNinetyNine3367
Undream YouLeona2139
Always on the RunIsaak1212241
Tears Like RainBodine Monet84124
Oh BoyRyk58133
NaivMarie Reim46106
Forever StrongMax Mutzke1010202