Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 Part 4 – Austria

Hands in the air, lads. It’s a big old poppers o’clock banger from Austria! This sounded so old-fashioned when I first heard it but the more I listen the more it pulls me in. Maybe there’s a nostalgia for those misspent days of my youth (or maybe just a yearning for the times we could pull a full weekender and still get to work on a Monday morning?) but this is pretty good.

Kaleen knows her audience. Whatever budget her video shoot had it hasn’t stretched to many blouses for the male dancers it features. They’re greased up and flinging tyres around a garage recreating that iconic Herb Ritts photoshoot. Kaleen cavorts among them, draping herself off as many as she can get into shot. She’s wearing dangerously high heels for a floor likely to be slicked with oily patches, though by the time you get to this stage health and safety is the last thing on our minds.

If you took Kaleen out of shot, I’d swear I’d seen this video before, though I think in that one the overalls had all completely fallen off the models and the tyres weren’t the only rubber being burned. You’ll probably find an example of that cinematic genre by Googling Cazzo Studios, though definitely don’t do that at work.

Eight PointsIt remains to be seen how Kaleen will decide to present this on stage. If she brings the dancers Eurovision health and safety rules will probably insist on those greasy torsos being water-based at least. But the song’s genre is perhaps its biggest challenge. Club tracks like this rarely lend themselves to live performance and many an act has come a cropper before her.

Photo: Rankin/EBU

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