Ema Fres(h) … or past its sell-by date?

EMA Fres logo

So, we had the final of the semi-final in Slovenia, with the culmination of Ema Fres (Pronounced ‘fresh’ for clarity).  The selection process has being going on for so long that it’s surely going to be a one-year experiment?

Just to remind you, over five weeks in November and December, we had weekly semi-finals and finals (yes, as we’ve said, it *is* ‘Going for Gold’ the Slovene way!), but tonight we had all of the ten qualifiers lined up in one show for your delectation and delight.

From those ten, one qualified by televote and one through support of a so-called expert jury. Both songs get a place in the twelve song EMA taking place on the 22nd February.

Results below but to be honest, there seems nothing to write home about (well, at least nothing caught my imagination), and thats a bad thing going into a televised final!

Inger"Only Dream"322578
Rasmus Rändvee"Young"2310112
Stefan"By My Side"486287
Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf"Majakad"190449
Uudo Sepp"I'm Sorry. I Messed Up"3830310
Uku Suviste"What Love Is"5671
SHIRA"Out in Space"5883116
Anett x Fredi"Write About Me"87123
Jaagup Tuisk"Beautiful Lie"65102
Traffic"Üks kord veel"4656115
Egert Milder"Georgia (On My Mind)"3844
Laura"Break Me"1201111

And here are the two qualifiers …