Surprised he’s not called it Zanussi….

or Creda… or Tricity Bendix… but Olly Alexander has revealed, to the surprise of no Eurovision fan worth their salt, that the UK Entry to this farrago will be called “Dizzy”.

After his cameo performance as a BBC Weather person – the BBC (and Olly of course) are enticing you into the song with a 20 second clip which you can see below :

Now, it’s only 20 seconds, granted, and it’s seemingly filmed on a rooftop – a health and safety nightmare and no mistake – but I think it sounds… ok.   You can’t gauge anything from a 20-second snippet from what seems to be the first chorus of the song but the internet is “abuzz” with opinions and some of them are worth listening to.  The vid has also had just over half a million views at time of writing which is mental!

We’ll wait for the 3-minute version, scheduled to be released on March 1st, before we give our pronouncement but yeah, it sounds decent enough.

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