16 April – Look inside yourself

It’s duet time again. Are you excited? It means you get two stellar performers for the price of one. They get to share the duties, so don’t wear themselves out too much. And it sometimes means they can make more of a stage show.

In 2008 we saw our friends in Azerbaijan début. It’s always good when a country participates for the first time. And They sent a duet, one half of which was today’s birthday boy Samir Cavadzadə/Javadzadeh. His pal Elnur took part a few years later, but in 2008 it was all about heaven and hell, blood red wine and exploding chairs. Yes, start with a big bang, thought broadcaster İTV. They even paid for an open air concert in Belgrade several nights before the big shows, such was Azerbaijan’s confidence. Of course, we know they didn’t win but they did finish eighth in the Grand Final. Not a bad result. Of course, the next five results were better, but there’s always something special about that first appearance. And we’ll never forget this performance.

Samir is 43 today.

Ad günün mübarək, Samir!

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