Eurovision Countdown 24 – Cyprus according to Mo

Who hasn’t woken up and felt all ooh-la-la? My money was on liar rhyming with higher and fire. Silia didn’t let me down, all round town, she’s no clown. All she’s missing is desire.

‘Liar’ is a compelling pop anthem that combines a catchy melody with a message of resilience and self-empowerment following the end of a relationship. Just kidding – it’s a clubby banger to which you can wave your arms around while singing along.

Production line frothy pop – and any Eurovision is all the better for this kind of thing.

Quick plea, though – why are we getting so many built-in dance breaks? If everyone is going to wriggle around with topless men and show their arses off, it’s going to get old fast.

Five PointsThe song itself is an accomplished builder, however (for me) there’s nothing special on show—at least not yet. That could change in Malmo. Hair extensions have been known to work wonders.


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