Draw decides running order for 2022 Melodifestivalen

Cornelia Jakobs

Saturday sees the last national finals of the 2022 season, ahead of Monday’s Head of Delegation meeting in Turin when each broadcaster formally submits details of the song they’re sending to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

Swedish SVT is all set to broadcast ratings winner Melodifestivalen, hosted by Oscar Zia. Twelve songs will compete to represent Sweden in Turin. The running order was published earlier today:

Be strongerAleksandra Tkach
Wild windKattie
Follow the playVladislav Kurasov
Historyja majho žycciaNavi
We'll be togetherAnastasiya Sheverenko
My lovePROvokatsiya
Take my heartNuteki
Voice in my headNikita Hodas
On the red lineIsaac Nightingale
Children of the worldJuly
Let's come togetherNapoli
Heart beatLermont x Julic
We should be togetherAngelica Pushnova

You can hear all the songs on the SVT Tube Channel.

Odds on to win

Cornelia Jakobs (pictured) is favourite to win right now, just slightly ahead of Anders Bagge and Klara Hammarström. Over at the Sverigetopplistan (Swedish charts), Klara Hammarström is at number 3, Medina at 4 and Anders at 5. Cornelia is just slightly behind there at number 8.

Voting this year includes votes from a jury and the viewers. After the international jury groups have cast their votes, all viewers will be provided with new votes, in order to continue to influence the results even after the international jury has had its say. The public voting results will be determined using the age group system. Each age group’s vote will carry a score of 12, 10, 8–1.

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