Eurovision Countdown 24 – Ireland according to Mo

The key to Eurovision is getting the balance right—a killer song, great staging, and a brilliant voice.

Based on the (admittedly low-cost and notoriously awful) Late Late Show staging and performance and the song presented in this video, Bambie Thug scores a huge fat zero on all counts.

It’s ‘My Lovely Horse’ by another name. So many different ideas have been rammed into three minutes that I ended up overwhelmed.The video is mildly entertaining, but that’s not what’s going to the Malmo stage – and RTE never quite get things right with that, do they?

There is a fairly enjoyable chorus. One that, if expanded out, would carry this through, offsetting the forced offbeat opening … but rather than fix on one winning idea, a dozen more get tossed into any already overloaded pot.

Nul pointsIt’s a discordant mish-mash of art school nonsense. And cynical as all hell.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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